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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  November 18, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. ♪ we begin with developing news in east oakland where police are investigating a brazen crime spree that also involved a shooting. the suspects were young people who drove around this morning robbing people on the street but they were caught at the seminary gas and food stop. laura anthony is there. most of them are in custody? >> that's right. police believe they have everyone who committed those early morning robberies in custody. things are returning to normal. this is the seminary gas station
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and store. this is where this morning's crime spree culminated, if you will. police as you said at this point have four people in custody. they include three young women and one young man. we are told there may be an arrest of a fifth young man so five people total who may have been involved in all this. this started at dawn in central oakland with a series of robberies. about 6:00 this morning, two of those robberies were committed in the area of 22nd avenue and international and then a third one occurred near highland hospital on 19th avenue. there a man was shot in the arm. we're told those are non-life-threatening injuries. after the robberies police received witness descriptions of a rather unique car, a gold lexus spotted here at this gas station just after 8:30 this morning. >> one of the beat officers came out to east owed and found the
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suspected vehicle used in those robberies at the gas station behind me. the vehicle was occupied and they were detained at gunpoint. more of the occupants of the vehicle had already gone into the store and so when more units came to the scene, we were able to get them all out individually along with customers and workers from the store. >> here's a live picture of the store. you can see police officers, evidence technicians still processing that gold lexus. it is sitting at the gas pump there. it's important to say or police said these folks were not robbing this store. they had merely come here after the early robberies it appears to buy gas and buy some things. but a police officer heard them, spotted the car and of course many police officers descended on this location. they had to take their time. guns were drawn. they had some folks who were in the car. they had some of the folks in the store so they had to get them all out and try to sort all of this out. police say it could be sometime
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before they determine exactly who committed all the robberies. >> laura, thanks very much. the regents of the university california system just approved another fee increase that will affect about half of it's 188,000 students. this led to a violent clash yesterday outside at the mission bay campus. terry mcsweeney is there and, terry, different situation today? >> the difference is night and day. yesterday at this time there were bands of roving protestors going around the building confronting police. one point a u.c. police officer pulled his gun when he was surrounded by protestors. today? >> students are not in favor of this. >> it was students on one side and regents on another again today. but a world of difference today than how it was expressed yesterday. yesterday it was baton use, pepper spraying by police, threats of more violence by protestors. today just a disagreement
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whether u.c. students who is families make $120,000 a year should pay more. >> these hurt all students but particularly the middle income families since they do not qualify for financial aid. these the majority of u.c. students. the administration of the u.c. system is failing to provide for all californians and provide for a future viable so we can succeed as a state. >> a statement from assembly speaker john perez. while i attend to mitigate the impact, i fear i increase in aid will only lead to an increase in debt for working families. >> 32% increase last year, 8% now cannot continue. >> we have a long-term structure problem here in that we have an ins creasing budget gap of a billion dollars this year up to about $4 billion over the next five years. >> a lot of what you're seeing today is driven by the need to reform our pension plan which is
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20 some billion dollars in unfurnisheded liability going way out. >> that pension reform was mentioned frequently during yesterday's protest and a topic certain to draw attention next month when the regents vote on a reform plan. it's not certain what form of attention it will attract. give you an idea how tough things are, the budget director for u.c. complimented the regents for getting as much money as they did from the state to keep the increase at only 8%. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> all right. terry, thank you. g.m. stock it being traded since they declared bucks months ago. the ticker symbol of wall street as a symbol of u.s. economic recovery. >> kristen, currently g.m. stock is trading nearly $35 a share. it spiked nearly $36 per share, almost $3 more than the
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initially public offering of $33. quite a turn-around when the company stock was going for under a dollar for its filings for bankruptcy. with the sold of a chevy came marrow revving its engine, the open bell rang on wall street. reemerging as a public company again and taking a $50 billion bailout from the government and ultimately american taxpayers. >> this is not the finish line for general motors today. in fact, i say this is a beginning, a new beginning and a much better chapter than recent years. >> g.m.'s initial public stock offering is the largest in u.s. history. the government is expected to sell off nearly 400 million shares today making $12 billion. the government would have to
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sell its remaining 500 million shares in the coming years for over $53 each for the taxpayers to break even. the senior adviser for the auto industry said we're obviously eager to get the rest of it back, as much as we can. g.m. is optimistic about its future. it says it changed its business plan to make money even though car sales overall are down and hopes its newest car, the volt, named car of the year, will help drive the company to success. >> we're going to ship to electrification of the car, propulsion systems such as hydrogen. fortunately we stuck through those investments through bankruptcy. >> wall street is reacting positively to g.m. take a look at the big board now up nearly 178 points. the dow has been up all day. president obama is going to give a statement about general motors going public and what he thinks it means for the u.s. economy about two hours from now.
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reporting live, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> a less rollsy picture in this new stap shot of the bay area real estate market. home sales fell sharply last month here. 6,122 homes were sold, down 22% from october last year to the slowest sales pace in two decades. the median sales price is also telling. the bay area average was $388,000 last month. 42% below the peak in summer of 2007. napa county saw the biggest price drop in the past year with a 15% dip. solano and santa clara are the only two counties that saw an increase. >> the number of people applying for unemployment benefits rose slightly last week but claims remain near their lowest level in two years. initially claims for jobless aid rose by 2,000 nationwide but the four week average fell for the fourth time in five weeks. overall claims are now at the lowest level since september
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2008. just before the collapse of investment giant lehman brothers. and pharmaceutical giant roesh which owns genentech, it's cutting 5,000 jobs worldwide including up to 650 jobs at general nen tex south san francisco facility. the biotech company blames the new healthcare reform bill and setbacks with its diabetes treatment. it does have plans to expand its south san francisco campus for research and development. >> because disasters can strike at anytime without warning temperature santa clara valley medical center is participating in a statewide drill to make sure its staff is prepared. today's drill was a bomb threat. a backpack was found in the middle of a hospital courtyard. the bomb squad responded. >> it's important because you don't know when the next disaster will strike. you know there will be one. there's the possibility a
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earthquake is always here. >> they host different types of mock emergencies and where they're strong and area that need improvement. >> a 2012 election showdowns. sarah palin makes a bold prediction and a famous billionaire could jump in against her. >> charles rangel asssssssssssss
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. >> house ethicless council recommended congressman charles rangel of new york be sensored for violating rules. including engaging in improper financial and fund-raising conduct. the council says the recommendation if carried out would be the most serious punishment short of expulsion. he said he made mistakes but denied that he was crooked. >> that your member was not corrupt and did not seek and did not gain anything personally for the bad conduct that i've had. that's all i've ever asked when i referred this whole thing to this committee. >> the ethics committee will decide to come up with another punishment. sarah palin giving the strongest indication yet that she may run.
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and another high-profile figure hinting he's ready to go from apprentice to president. abc's john hendron reports. >> sarah palin saiys she can do it but will she? >> i'm looking at the lay of the land and figure that out if it's a good thing for the country, for my family. >> she's been flitting with a run for president since she failed with her vice-presidentdential bid in 2008. >> if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama? >> i believe so. >> since governor palin launched a media blitz. she has no part of our reality show this weekend. she has a new book coming out and daughter bristol is in the finals of "dancing with the stars." if she runs palin might face a
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surprising rival. >> donald trump will decide by june whether to run in the republican primary, ready to dig in his $3 billion fortune to do it. >> i'd spend a lot. >> that's pits the two against the gop titan. >> both approve reality tv but warning palin support is deep but narrow. trumps when it comes to politics is so far untested. john hendron, abc news, washington. >> my goodness. meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. >> our reality is wet coming our way pretty soon. show you what's going on. the weather changing. the serious clouds out ahead. maybe thunderstorms and even snow and that's here, not necessarily in the sierra. >> october mom's doctor may say
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he was experimenting with the mom. force force
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you can see
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♪ wow, check out those clouds. a sign is of change. >> absolutely. this time of year whenever you get those type of clouds, a signal things are on the way and going to get quite interesting. show you what's going on. really pleasant day. relatively cool compared to what we've been dealing with but closer to average from south beach back to the east. you can see the port of oakland out there in the distance. let's talk some temperatures and just give you an idea how much cooler today. all of us stuck in the 50s still except concord and antioch at 60. the bay still chock full of clouds and 51 degrees. salinas and gilroy around 52 degrees. that is the big story for today. less sunshine and much cooler conditions. now, this weekend still looking wet and chilly. thunder's possible and even some mountain snow.
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saturday probably on hamilton. sunday on hamilton and diablo. today look how much we drop. kind of nickel and diming it. we've been dropping 4 or 5 degrees every day today. today we jump around 8 in san francisco to nearly 12. that's how much we're going to drop today. temperatures actually closer if not below average. mid-60s south bay. san jose about 66. on the peninsula low to mid-60s during the afternoon hours. mid to upper 50s along the coast, downtown, south san francisco and most of the north bay valleys 60s to 50 also. cookinger clear lake andberg ga, could keep 58 degrees. richmond, berkeley, low to mid-50s the rest of the east bay shore. low to mid-60 around the monterey bay. most of us in the 40s. san francisco a little warmer, 50. jump ahead to 7:00 tomorrow
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morning, you can see some of the radar returns and the light rain that develops during the morning hours. the cold front rolls into some more humid air during the afternoon and evening hours. most of us will be wet tomorrow evening and through the better part of the nighttime hours. a little lull in the action. when the cold front has passed through. now we get to the coldest of the area air. watch the scattered showers develop during the afternoon hours. this is where we can hear thunder, see some lightning. small hail probably not going to happen but it's still possible. that will also continue into sunday. accu-weather 7-day forecast, that snow level will drop to around 3,000 feet on sunday. that's why i think diablo will see snow also. the showers taper monday. even after the shower then, our highs mid to upper 50s below average and a freeze will threaten most of the bay area. if not tuesday morning, wednesday morning. >> thanks, mike.
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>> thank you. >> the fertility doctor who planted embryos, the octomom, says he used her as a human guinea pig as a study. he says he used octomom as part of a study on fertility methods. earlier the food and drug administrator investigator accused the doctor as part of a human experiment. they're trying to revoke his medical license accusing him of gross negligence. all 14 children were conceived through in vitro treatment. >> fewer americans are saying i do. in a new survey by the research center, 39% say marriage is obsolete. that's up from 28% in a time magazine survey in 1978. today only 54% of american adults are married. the median age for first marriage is at its highest ever. 28 for men and 26 for women. the stories say the institution
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>> today on oprah at 4:00, the couple makeover. then at 5:00 just as medical marijuana gains more acceptance, a new study reveals the harmful brain impact for young users. and getting the lead out of toys. the test of safety for your child's toys. >> catch a show that features humans and horses. or put your dancing shoes on. so much going on. >> arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has what's hot ♪
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>> the excitement and energy of salsa. the best in the country shake it up in the oakland convention center. ♪ a hypnotic sensational. the movement now in the big top south at at&t park. how about this art. the 101 collective brings together music and art and culinary in one place at the art center. >> showing up at the 12th san francisco hip-hop dancefest. hip-hop from a global perspective at the palsy of fine arts. >> the new voice of brazil. "the new york times" raves. her u.s. tour debuts at yoshi this week. international performance and a youth orchestra. the 11th san francisco music festival this weekend in the
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jewish community center. >> a kid, i was forced to. >> a carriage driver who becomes an escort to lonely, wealthy women in palomino, a one-man show at the aurora theater. >> during music in the exciting california youth symphony. sunday at cupertino's splint center. don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> you gotta love november, right. 80 degrees, going to snow. >> yeah. drop 30 degrees for a high and sierra weather storm watch. 2 to 4 feet of snow above 6,000 feet. 1 to 2 feet down to about 2,000 feet. getting home will be tough this weekend. >> what an interesting week. thanks for joining us on abc 7 ñ
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